That time I did a snow stunt.

Backside 360, Méribel, France.


Rough draft of a thing I started then gave up on.

Strong and Stable

‘Beans’, backside 360, Bristo Square, 2009

Beans, Backside 360

From the vaults: A gif from 2009 (I think), back when they were a bigger pain in the arse to make. Not as hard as this stunt off the 2nd block, though.

Connor ‘Beans’ Mason, backside 360, Bristo Square, Edinburgh.

Instagram: @edinburghbeans

That time I did a stunt.

Kickflip, Bristo Square (RIP), Edinburgh.
Audio by me.

Clip from video by Andrew Niven: Here.

PM Gif



Messing around in ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ beta



I done did a few ‘cinemagraphs’. Check them out via the main menu or click the images below.


My First Blog Post / My First Haiku

I done a haiku for National Poetry Day:

Woke up keen to see

photos I took in my dream

but they were not there.

#MyFirstHaiku #NationalPoetryDay